Julio Alexenicer, co-founder of Sport in Harmony has over 20 year's of experience as a Youth Sport Director, Semi-Professional Player and Football Scout at several football clubs. He has first-hand experience in working both as a player and supporting families through the minefield of professional football, priding himself on his personal relationships and caring for those he works with. Julio is an expert in working with youth players from disadvantaged backgrounds, struggling to negotiate the system. If the athlete's idea is to keep trying to succeed in their main sport, we will have access to sport professionals who are going to look at athlete performance, trying to improve their skills and confidence. Sport in Harmony utilizes these skills and experience to champion the needs of the players, their families and the clubs providing individuals practical and impartial advice and guidance. We are experts in motivation and creating many opportunities within the sporting industry.

Roger Sugarman, co-founder of Sport In Harmony has over 20 year's experience working in the Health and Sport field, working with elite sport people. He has also over 20 year's experience in health recruitment. He holds a diploma in personal training, nutrition and sport injuries. Sport in Harmony understands the needs of the professional athlete in maintaining peak nutritional and fitness levels to perform at the best of their ability.

Sharon Wallerson from Grow Therapeutic Coaching, a highly qualified and experienced professional who is able to support the diverse needs of young people and their families. Challenging mindset, managing mental health and coaching individuals is what they do best. Utilising NLP, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, EFT, PSYH-K and Positive Psychology techniques to ensure positive outcomes for all. Grow Therapeutic Coaching offers an extensive emotional wellbeing intervention tailored to suit the needs of individuals and their families. Sessions are offered one to one and in groups.

Ian Viner, is a highly professional CV writer, Career Coach and Employment specialist. Offering a new approach to succeeding in today's competitive job market.
Ian is passionate about helping young people to seek work and educational advice.
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