Thousands of players wash through the system every year, their dreams of a professional career shattered, clubs and organizations are not doing enough to look after them.
At present and with the pandemic situation things are going to get worse. Within professional Football clubs alone are currently 13.000 youth players, this is without counting non-professional clubs and many other sports besides.
Across the FA traditional remit of affiliated football there are currently over 119,000 teams, made up of approximately 1.8 million children and adults playing in over 1,200 leagues.
A huge percentage of those players suffer a clinical level of psychological distress and suffer a loss of self-confidence when the dream of becoming professional is taken away.
For many there is a big concern where education was not taken seriously enough during their school years in the belief that they were within sight of being a sports professional.
In addition to this where the welfare programs run by some of the academies have not been able to give enough support for those who are not going to make the grade or achieve their end dream.
For those who leave, the whole process of the academy has had a huge impact on them as a human being, emotionally, psychologically and on their social development.
When they are released, they are suddenly rushed into the World, and many struggle to cope with it. Youth players from disadvantaged backgrounds struggle to negotiate the system with that perspective, many, having spent years in the academies, have a hard landing back into their old neighbourhood, and fall into crime.

Dealing with rejection
The number of children and young people participating in boxing in England is approximately 700,000.
«oxing is 80 percent mental. The other 20 per cent is predominantly covered by the ardors training camps fighters put themselves through to ensure they are in peak condition. One in four of boxers will struggle with mental health problems every year.
The prevalence of mental health problems among adolescents is alarmingly high.
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