Young people in professional sport are faced with major transitions at each stage of their career and all that falls in between. Uncertainty, pressure, instability and unknown futures all impact on the life for them and the people around them.
The massive transition from academy player to released young person is not one to be taken lightly as it affects all areas of young people's sense of self confidence and the world around them.
Just because the dream of becoming a professional has come to an end, it's not the end of the road; it's just one of life's set-backs and a chance to stop and consider a way forward.
There are always other options, other opportunities, other avenues to explore.
There's no doubt that rejection can shatter confidence, at least for a time.
However, with support from experts and parents, what may seem like the end can be turned into the beginning of something even better or at least a more inspiring alternative.

As an enterprise scheme we are going to act as a buffer, a sounding board to try to ensure that we give these individuals as much help, advice and support as we can and even try to get them the possibility of a second opportunity in their sport careers.
An extensive emotional wellbeing intervention tailored to suit the needs of individuals and their families.
Sessions are offered one to one and in groups.
Our specialist team of adviser's have recruitment, careers and educational experience which supports young people to take the next steps for their future.
We will offer tailored career advice, putting the athlete directly in touch with employers and teach practical skills including creating CV's, developing interview techniques.

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